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Lithium Storage specializes in prismatic lithium battery cells with LFP and NCM chemistry options for energy storage and high-power applications. We offer energy and power cells to meet various application requirements. LFP cell also called Lifepo4 battery cell, lithium iron phosphate battery cell,comes in different capacities suitable for various applications, while NCM cells are designed to confirm VDA dimension standards and provide high energy density for electric vehicles.


Prismatic lifepo4 LFP cells with capacities such as LFP50Ah, LFP100Ah, and LFP135Ah are energy cells more appropriate for projects requiring a continuous 1C charge or discharge rate. These prismatic LFP cells are commonly used for household energy storage and low-speed vehicles.

For larger applications like forklifts, electric buses, and trucks, LFP prismatic cells with higher capacities, such as LFP205Ah, LFP230Ah, LFP280Ah, and LFP302Ah, are typically used. These cells have similar dimensions and can handle the high-power demands of these types of vehicles.

Besides, there is a deep cycle 3.2v lifepo4 cell that is specifically designed for energy storage needs requiring up to 6000 times of cycle life . This 100Ah 150Ah and 280Ah lifepo4 battery makes it an excellent choice for applications where longevity is critical, such as backup power systems.


The NCM243Ah and NCM177Ah are two options of Nickel-cobalt-manganese (NCM) cells for ev battery module that are designed to fit the VDA dimension standard. They have similar width and height but differ in thickness. These NCM VDA cells are popular choices for electric vehicles with limited space due to their high energy density and lightweight per kilogram. The use of Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (NMC) technology provides superior performance compared to Lithium iron phosphate (LFP)cell, resulting in significantly extended driving mileage for electric vehicles.

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