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1. What are the payment terms we can support?

We can support the multiple payment terms depending on the convenience of both sides, and payment terms can be wire transfer, letter of Credit, SinoSure and other types of insurance or platform etc. please contact our sales for consultant.

2. What are the delivery terms we can support?

We can provide various deliveries depending on your need, such as FOB, CIF, and DDU etc, and we also support customers to pick up standard products or constant orders' goods from our UK branch. Please contact with our sales about the delivery terms you prefer.

3. What is the delivery period for the orders?

The delivery period will depend on our production plan, stock qty. and type of products. Generally, the delivery period of cells with welding terminals is around 10working days after deposit, while we have the cells in stock. The delivery period of cells with other type of terminals and standard modules is around 1month after deposit. The delivery period of battery systems and customized products is around 60days after deposit. Please contact with our sales for specified products.

4. What is the warranty for the goods?

We provide a guarantee for a manufacturing fault of 36 months for most goods from the date of delivery. If you want extend this warranty period, please contact our sales for consultant.

5. What are the products we can supply?

NCM battery and LFP battery

Long cycle life battery and high energy density lithium ion battery

Battery module and battery pack

Customized battery system

Please contact our sales for consultant.

6. What is the difference of NCM battery and LFP battery?

ItemsLFP BatteryNCM Battery
Cathode materialsLithium iron phosphateNickel Cobalt Manganese(NCM)
Anode materialsGraphiteGraphite
Rated Voltage3.2V3.7V
Work Voltage Range2.5—3.65V3.0—4.2V
Energy Density140~180wh/Kg220~240wh/kg
Cycle Life(80%DOD)2000~40001000~2000

1) Stable performance

2) Cost-efficient

3) High technological maturity & widely application

4)Long cycle life

5)High safety performance

1) High energy density, suitable for the vehicles with limited space
Disadvantage1)Lower energy density than NCM1) Low safety performance (usually need cooling system)
ApplicationE-bus, ESS, UPS, mini-EV, function EV etc.Passenger vehicle, car, and other application that requires high energy density on the base of limited space.
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