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  • LFP 40Ah Battery
  • LFP 40Ah Battery
  • LFP 40Ah Battery
  • LFP 40Ah Battery

LFP 40Ah (LiFePO4 40Ah Battery)

- 40Ah LifepO4 is prismatic lithium iron phosphate batteries,
- Weight: 1.06 ±0.2kg,
- Energy density: 120Wh/kg,
- Cycle life: ≥ 5000 times


40Ah Lifepo4 Battery Description

40Ah LifepO4


40Ah LifepO4

3.2V LFP280Ah long cycle Lifepo4 Lithium ion Battery

LITHIUM STORAGE can offer different terminal solutions for cells with welding terminals, including screw terminals and Nut terminals. These solutions have passed multiple inspection testing items such as drawing force, shear force, and torque testing, etc., and have been applied in various electric vehicle and energy storage projects in different countries.


3.2V LFP280Ah long cycle Lifepo4 Lithium ion Battery


No. Item Specification Note
1 Rated Capacity 40Ah @1C
2 Nominal Voltage 3.2V  
3 Actual Voltage Range 2.5-3.65V  
4 Rated Discharge Current ≤133A  
5 Peak Discharge Current ≤400A @30s
6 Rated Charge Current ≤133A  
7 Peak Charge Current ≤400A @10s
8 Operating Temperature Charge: 0℃~55℃
Discharge: -20℃~60℃
9 Storage Temperature ﹣20℃~55℃  
10 Cell Dimensions Thickness:27.5±0.1mm
Length: 148.0±0.3mm
Height: 129.4±0.5mm
11 Cathode Material LFP  
12 Weight 1.06±0.2kg  
13 Energy density 120Wh/kg  
14 Cycle life ≥5000 times @0.5C/1C 100%DOD
15 Terminal Welding/Screw terminal-Nut  



40Ah LifepO4            To suit the various connection demand from customers, 

             it is available to support cells with screw terminals or nut    

             terminals excepting welding terminals. The relevant torque

             is recommended for avoiding excessive force which can

             damage the terminal thread when the bolts are tight.
             For applied bolts, busbar, and tighten torque are shown

             in the table below.


Parameter table

Cell type Screw Terminals Nut Terminals Fasten torque Remark Standard busbar type Non-standard busbar type Current Capacity
LFP40Ah / M6*14 6N*m

Max repeated


screw times ≤3

LFP50Ah / M6*14 6N*m BS1-LFP50A BS2-LFP50A 1C
LFP100Ah / M6*14 6N*m BS1-LFP100A BS2-LFP100A 1C
LFP135Ah / M6*14 6N*m BS1-LFP135A BS2-LFP135A 1C
LFP205Ah M6*16 Bolt M6*18 6N*m BS1-LFP205A BS2-LFP205A 1C
LFP280Ah M6*16 Bolt M6*18 6N*m BS1-LFP280A BS2-LFP280A 1C
LFP280Ah long cycle M6*16 Bolt M6*18 6N*m BS1-LFP280A BS2-LFP280A 1C
LFP302Ah M6*16 Bolt M6*18 6N*m BS1-LFP302A BS2-LFP302A 1C
NCM102Ah / M6*18 6N*m BS1-NCM102A BS2-NCM102A 1C
NCM177Ah / M6*18 6N*m BS1-NCM177A BS2-NCM177A 1C


40Ah LifepO4


40Ah LifepO4


Cell type Quality Management System Products  Certification
 ISO-9001   IATF16949   ISO-14001   ISO-45001  GB/T 31485-2015 GB/T 31486-2015 GB/T 31484-2015  IEC62619   UL1642   UL9540   UL1973   MSDS   UN38.3   BIS   JET 
LFP40Ah / / / / / /
LFP50Ah / /
LFP100Ah / / / / /
LFP135Ah / / / / /
LFP205Ah / / / / / /
LFP280Ah / / / / / /
LFP280Ah long cycle / / /
LFP302Ah / / / / / /
NCM102Ah / / / / / /
NCM177Ah   √ √    √ / / /  /    √ √  



                     40Ah LifepO440Ah LifepO4

                                                             01                                                                                                                                         02

                                   Carton for air transportation and                                                                                                    Meeting the UN38.3 package
                                 plywood case for sea transportation                                                                                                standard for dangerous goods



3.2V LFP280Ah long cycle Lifepo4 Lithium ion Battery


The global economy is undergoing a transition from carbon-intensive energy resources to low-carbon energy resources, switching from fossil fuels with harm to the environment to cleaner and alternative renewable energy sources. Lithium ion batteries as the most favorable electrochemical energy storage system are widely used in many fields due to high energy density, excellent self-discharging rate, high operation voltage, long cycle life, and no memory effect.

The application fields include not limiting trucks, cars, buses, golf carts, AGV, material handling equipment(forklifts), as the driving force, and various energy storage systems. 

Advantages of 40Ah LifepO4

Higher energy density

Up to 140Wh/kg

Good safety performance

During the charging and discharging process, the structure of the battery will not change, it will not burn and explode, and it is still very safe even under special conditions such as short circuit, overcharge, extrusion, and acupuncture.

Long cycle life

It can reach more than 4,000 times, guaranteeing a service life of 8-10 years, which is higher than the cycle life of ternary batteries of more than 1,000 times.




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LFP 40Ah (LiFePO4 40Ah Battery)

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