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Commercial Vehicles

Lithium Storage has developed the Flexi Pack as ev battery pack specifically designed for electric commercial vehicles. The standard battery pack available in two sizes, C and D, this innovative pack utilizes prismatic lithium iron phosphate cells with capacities ranging from 205Ah to 302Ah, offering various combinations of batteries to meet specific application requirements. By providing fixed dimensions with multiple battery options, Lithium Storage has created a flexible system that can be customized to meet the diverse needs of different electric vehicles.

In addition to Flexi Pack, Lithium Storage also offers services related to standard  packs,such as power distributor unit, distributor unit.

LITHIUM STORAGE is a innovative lithium ion battery manufacturer, which can offer types of lithium batteries.Our professional R&D operations team with abundant projects and experience in the lithium battery field.These advantages make LITHIUM STORAGE a leading lithium-ion battery supplier. Our vision is to commit to developing a series of intelligent lithium battery products to support the energy transition to a low-carbon economy addressing the real-world climate crisis.

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