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  • Power Distributor Unit(PDU)
  • Power Distributor Unit(PDU)
  • Power Distributor Unit(PDU)
  • Power Distributor Unit(PDU)
  • Power Distributor Unit(PDU)

Power Distributor Unit(PDU)

Power distributor unit designed for EV,known as “electric vehicle high voltage power distributor box” ,Electric vehicle power distribution box", "Electric vehicle power unit" and "Electric vehicle safety box", is an important part in EV.It supports function converting and power distribution to every systematic unit. Such as motor control unit, battery management system, charging system...


Product Description


-  Metal shell, flexible production, and low cost, good protective performance, light weight, good structural strength.

-  Master bus inside the box.

-  Designed with busbar solution make the product with low temperature rise, good heat dispassion,electric conductive better and installation easily.

-  Connector solution developed by busbar has been applied;meets in this products, it meet most customer request.

-  This product can be designed and manufactured and manufacture according to customer's requirements.




Power distribution

Busbar component design, fast heat dissipation, high   energy transmission efficiency

Power Distribution Protection

Protection with fuse,electric living parts separated   with insulation material ,BMS

Power Distribution control

Power distribution control reaiized by high voltage   relay,it make energy conversion more reliability and safety

Current and voltage data collection

Collector, auxiliary equipment use more safety


Power resistance, anti surge, pulse

Communication function

CAN communicate with bus and charger in real-time.

Insulation detection

Electric insulation detection, the leakage current can   be cut off quickly



Signal voltage


Battery interface


Charging interface

Slow charge(380V 25A)

Communication interface

to battery pack

Communication interface

to VCU and charger



Motor interface


Heating system interface


Auxiliary interface


Unleashing Efficiency with the Power Distributor Unit (PDU)

The Power Distributor Unit (PDU) is a versatile and efficient solution designed to meet various power distribution needs. With its metal shell, flexible production capabilities, low cost, and exceptional protective performance, the PDU offers a range of benefits that contribute to its widespread popularity.

1. Robust Metal Shell for Enhanced Protection

The PDU boasts a robust metal shell that provides excellent protection for the internal components. This durable construction ensures resistance against environmental factors, mechanical stress, and impacts. The metal shell not only safeguards the internal components but also contributes to the overall structural strength of the PDU. This combination of protective performance, light weight, and structural strength ensures the reliability and longevity of the PDU in various operating conditions.

2. Efficient Power Distribution with Master Bus Design

Inside the PDU, a master bus is incorporated to facilitate efficient power distribution. The master bus acts as the central hub for connecting and distributing electrical power to various outlets or devices. This design optimizes the power flow, minimizes power losses, and ensures consistent power delivery. By utilizing the master bus, the PDU enables streamlined power distribution, resulting in improved overall efficiency and performance.

3. Busbar Solution for Temperature Control and Electrical Conductivity

The PDU is intelligently designed with a busbar solution to address temperature rise and enhance electrical conductivity. The implementation of a busbar solution minimizes temperature rise, ensuring that the PDU operates within safe temperature limits. Additionally, the busbar solution improves heat dissipation, effectively managing thermal energy generated during power distribution. This design choice not only enhances the overall efficiency of the PDU but also ensures better electrical conductivity, optimizing power transfer and reducing energy losses.

4. Connector Solution for Easy Installation and Customer Satisfaction

The PDU incorporates a connector solution developed specifically with busbar technology. This connector solution meets the diverse requirements of customers, ensuring compatibility and ease of installation. The use of busbar technology in the connector solution enables efficient and reliable power connections, minimizing the risk of loose connections or power interruptions. With this connector solution, the PDU offers a user-friendly and customer-oriented design, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free installation experience.

5. Customizable Design to Meet Specific Requirements

Flexibility is a key feature of the PDU, as it can be designed and manufactured according to the specific requirements of customers. Whether it's customizing the number of outlets, the power capacity, or the form factor, the PDU can be tailored to meet the unique needs of various applications. This customizable design approach ensures that the PDU seamlessly integrates into different power distribution systems, providing optimized performance and compatibility.

Invest in Efficiency with the Power Distributor Unit (PDU)

The Power Distributor Unit (PDU) offers an efficient, reliable, and customizable solution for power distribution applications. With its robust metal shell, master bus design, busbar and connector solutions, and customizable options, the PDU ensures optimal power distribution, enhanced safety, and customer satisfaction. Invest in the PDU to streamline your power distribution processes, improve efficiency, and meet the unique requirements of your applications. Experience the power of efficient power distribution with the versatile and reliable Power Distributor Unit (PDU).

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