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  • Battery Pack for Forklift
  • Battery Pack for Forklift
  • Battery Pack for Forklift
  • Battery Pack for Forklift
  • Battery Pack for Forklift

Forklift Battery Pack

- Rated voltage: 24, 48, 80,96 volt
- Available capacities:50Ah to 906Ah
- Discharging temperature range:-20~ 55℃
- Charge temperature range: -20~50℃(heating option)


Product Description

Battery Pack for Forklift


Battery Pack for Forklift

Battery Pack for Forklift



Forklift Battery Pack

Items Parameter
Voltage series 24 V 48 V 80 V 96 V
Rated voltage( V) 25 . 6 48 / 51 . 2 80 / 83 . 2 96
Series qty.( S) 8 15 / 16 25 / 26 30
Application AGV/etc. Forklift Forklift Special vehicle
Capacity series 1P 2P 3P NP
Cell- 50 Ah 50 100 150 N*50
Cell- 100 Ah 100 200 300 N*100
Cell- 205 Ah 205 410 615 N*205
Cell- 230 Ah 230 460 690 N*230
Cell- 280 Ah 280 560 840 N*280
Cell- 302Ah 302 604 906 N*302
Electrical Performance Maximum constant charge rate: 1C
Maximum constant discharge rate: 1C
Cycle life: >3000times
Mechanical Performance IP Grade: IP54
Enclosure Material: Commercial grade steel
Communication Mode Vehicle communication mode: CAN
Display communication method: RS485
Temperature Performance Discharging temperature range:-20~ 55℃
Charge temperature range: 0~50℃(heating function option)
Storage temperature range: 0~50℃
Custom Option Weight: customizable
Dimension: customizable
Connector: customizable
Charger: optional




Forklift Battery Pack


1)Higher life cycle numbers

Rechargeable lithium batteries cycle 4,000 times or more, and higher rates of discharge minimally affect cycle life. Lead-acid batteries typically deliver only 300-500 cycles, as higher levels of discharge greatly reduce cycle life.


2)Light on weight and heavy on power
Effective battery capacity means that more energy can be stored in lithium batteries to that of a lead acid equivalent using the same physical space and so can power equipment or vehicles for longer periods of time.


3)Effective battery capacity 
Li-ion batteries also have a far superior discharge curve such that the battery voltage falls very little until almost fully discharged, whereas for lead acid batteries , their voltage drops significantly throughout the discharge rate.


4)Cost savings
Lead acid batteries typically have lower purchase price as well as lower installation costs in comparison to lithium ion options. However, as we have previously mentioned, li-ion batteries last several times longer and so over the lifetime of the two, a lithium-ion battery is more cost-effective.


Why choose us?

Current production capacity is 6GWh and 20Gwh is in construction 

Approximately 1600pcs employees, including 580 R&D engineers

Factory has passed ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO14001, ISO45001 and other authoritative quality management system certifications

Products have obtained MSDS, UN38.3, UL, IEC62619, JET, BIS and other international certifications

Innovative and professional R&D and operation team, extensive project and industry experience in the field of forklift battery packs

Choose LITHIUM STORAGE, you will get the most cost-effective forklift battery pack and the most professional and comprehensive service.


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