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What is a Lithium Ion Battery?

Jun. 04, 2021

As a Li Ion Cell Manufacturers, I would like to share with you lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium-ion battery is a kind of secondary battery, which mainly relies on the movement of lithium ions between the positive electrode and the negative electrode to work. During charge and discharge, Li+ intercalates and deintercalates back and forth between the two electrodes: during charging, Li+ is deintercalated from the positive electrode and inserted into the negative electrode through the electrolyte, and the negative electrode is in a lithium-rich state; the opposite is true during discharge.

Lithium Batteries

Lithium Batteries

On October 9, 2019, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced that the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to John Goodenough, Stanley Whittingham and Akira Yoshino in recognition of their contributions in the field of lithium-ion battery research and development. .

Lithium batteries are divided into lithium batteries and lithium ion batteries. Cell phones and laptops use lithium-ion batteries, which are commonly referred to as lithium batteries. Batteries generally use materials containing lithium as electrodes, which are representative of modern high-performance batteries. The real lithium battery is rarely used in daily electronic products due to its high risk.

Lithium-ion batteries were first successfully developed by Sony Corporation of Japan in 1990. It embeds lithium ions into carbon (petroleum coke and graphite) to form a negative electrode (traditional lithium batteries use lithium or lithium alloy as the negative electrode). LixCoO2 is commonly used as the cathode material, and LixNiO2, and LixMnO4 are also used. The electrolyte uses LiPF6 + diethylene carbonate (EC) + dimethyl carbonate (DMC).

Petroleum coke and graphite are non-toxic materials for the negative electrode, and the resources are sufficient. Lithium ions are embedded in the carbon, which overcomes the high activity of lithium and solves the safety problems of traditional lithium batteries. The positive electrode LixCoO2 can reach the charging and discharging performance and life. The higher level reduces the cost, and in short, the overall performance of the lithium-ion battery is improved. It is expected that lithium-ion batteries will occupy a large market in the 21st century.

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