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Full Container of Lithium Forklift Batteries Shipped to Europe

Aug. 14, 2021

Full container of lithium battery LFP205Ah and LFP280Ah is ready to export Europe by Lithium Storage. There Lithium Ion Battery will be applied as the power of materials handling equipments to instead lead acid.

Benefiting lithium ion battery price keeps continuing to decline along with the penetration of electric vehicles, the lithium ion battery is proceeding to revolutionize in the materials handling industry. Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of lithium battery and lead acid battery, it is not difficult to found that lithium ion battery has apparent advantages than lead acid battery for powering the forklift or lift truck.

Lithium Ion Battery

Lead Acid Battery vs. Lithium Battery

Dramatic cost savings:

Because lithium ion batteries last so much longer than traditional lead acid batteries, the cost savings begin to add up quickly and end up being substantial over the much longer life span of this game-changing forklift power source.

Other factors that contribute to a more cost-efficient warehouse operation include:

· Far less money spent on energy for charging batteries

· Less time and labor expended by workers swapping out lead acid batteries

· Less time and labor spent maintaining and watering lead acid batteries

· Less energy wasted (a lead acid battery burns off 45-50% of its energy in heat, while a lithium battery loses only 10-15%)

Worker safety:

Hydrogen fumes and “acid splash” are a health and safety concern for workers maintaining lead acid batteries. Risks include sulfuric acid contacting their clothing, skin or eyes. Though not always adhered to, OSHA guidelines call for nearby eyewash stations and for workers to wear personal protective gear (goggles, rubber or neoprene gloves and aprons). Such potential health and safety hazards are eliminated when using lithium batteries.

No battery rooms required:

Due to the space needed for charging and the risk of spills and fumes, most companies that run multiple forklifts powered by lead acid batteries handle the time-consuming recharging tasks by dedicating some of their valuable warehouse space to a separate, well-ventilated battery room.

Opportunity charging:

The one advantage of lithium ion batteries is no memory effect. This allows forklift batteries can be charged during breaks or in between tasks without hurting lithium ion battery life span or performance. The same operation is apparant to shorten the life of lead acid batteries.

Longer warranties:

The characteristic of Lead acid decides that lead acid batteries must be carefully maintained for keeping in compliance with warranty terms according to the specifications of lead acid manufactures. In contrary, lithium batteries are essentially maintenance free and are offered longer warranties than lead acid battery.

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