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Do you know the Classification of Electric Vehicles?

Jul. 09, 2021

As a Chinese Lithium Battery Manufacturer, share with you. Electric vehicle batteries are divided into two categories, storage batteries and fuel cells. Batteries are suitable for pure electric vehicles, including lead-acid batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries, sodium-sulfur batteries, secondary lithium batteries, air batteries, and ternary lithium batteries.

Fuel cells are dedicated to fuel cell electric vehicles, including alkaline fuel cells (AFC), phosphoric acid fuel cells (PAFC), molten carbonate fuel cells (MCFC), solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC), proton exchange membrane fuel cells ( PEMFC), direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC).

Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Lithium Ion Battery Pack

With different types of electric vehicles, there are slight differences. In a pure electric vehicle equipped with a battery only, the role of the battery is the only source of power for the vehicle's drive system. In a hybrid vehicle equipped with a traditional engine (or fuel cell) and a battery, the battery can not only play the role of the main power source of the vehicle drive system, but also act as an auxiliary power source. It can be seen that at low speed and starting, the battery plays the role of the main power source of the car drive system; when accelerating at full load, it acts as an auxiliary power source; when driving or decelerating or braking, it acts as a storage energy. Character.

In a fuel cell, the fuel is oxidized at the anode and the oxidant is reduced at the cathode. If gaseous fuel (hydrogen) is continuously supplied on the anode (ie, the negative electrode of the external circuit, also called the fuel electrode), and oxygen (or air) is continuously supplied on the cathode (ie, the positive electrode of the external circuit, also called the air electrode), Then the electrochemical reaction can take place continuously on the electrode and generate electric current. It can be seen that the fuel cell is different from the conventional battery in that its fuel and oxidant are not stored in the battery, but in a storage tank outside the battery.

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